Are you the curator of an exhibition or the director of a museum or cultural institution?

ARforMuseum screenshot example for a museum and for an opera

Personalized AR Experiences

ARforMuseum offers the opportunity for all museums and cultural institutions to create personalized Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for their users.

Through the Content Management System (CMS), institutions can easily manage, modify, and create their content without the need for specific technical skills.

ARforMuseum screenshot example for insight and visitor data

Insight and Visitor Data

Thanks to the CMS, you can monitor and collect visitor data. These data provide valuable insights into user behavior, such as the time spent in front of a specific artwork, the most visited sections of the museum, and more.

This information can be used to improve the overall experience for visitors.

ARforMuseum screenshot example for tickets

Integration of Ticket Payments

The application offers the convenience of integrated ticket payments directly from the app.

Users can book tickets and complete the payment securely and conveniently, avoiding queues and selecting the most suitable time for their visit, simplifying the museum entry process.

ARforMuseum screenshot example for integrated shop

Integrated Shop with Personalized Products in the App

The museum can also decide to include its own online shop, which allows users to browse and purchase personalized products related to the artworks or the museum itself.

They can find replicas of the artworks, gadgets, books, and other exclusive items directly from the app, facilitating the shopping experience for visitors and providing an additional funding opportunity for the museum.

ARforMuseum screenshot examples for multilingual availability

Multilingual Availability

The app supports different languages, allowing visitors from all over the world to use it comfortably in their mother tongue.

This facilitates the understanding and accessibility of content for an international audience and improves the visiting experience for all visitors, regardless of their origin.

Technical support for ARforMuseum

Technical Support

The application provides full technical support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Museums can rely on a dedicated support team that provides timely assistance and solutions to technical issues that may arise while using the app.

Museum Experiences

The global market for augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach $305 billion* by 2026. However, in 2020, only a few museums, galleries, and cultural institutions in Italy offered experiences with augmented reality technologies.

Data shows that only 7% of the surveyed museums provided this digital tool to their audience.*

However, 54% of cultural institutions stated their intention to implement this technology in the future.*


In ARforMuseum the paintings are presented by our avatar

The Covid-19 emergency has undoubtedly accelerated the adoption of immersive technologies, proving to be an excellent way to enhance the territory, engage the audience in new narratives, and enrich their experience.

AR technology allows museums to provide dynamic and interactive guided tours. For decades, audio guides have been used to provide additional information about what visitors are seeing.

In recent years, museums have shown more interest in innovative solutions, including Augmented Reality, to make visiting exhibitions even more accessible and engaging for users, promoting their personal and cultural enrichment.

Introducing ARforMuseum's CMS

Frame the artworks with ARforMuseum and discover the interactive contents

ARforMuseum is the tool designed to make the creation of Augmented Reality experiences simple and immediate.

By browsing from your browser, you have access to all the technological means necessary to bring your projects to life in a few minutes. Manage all your experiences from a private access web platform, in full compliance with high security standards.

Complex computer skills are not required to use our AR configurator: from the platform you can add to your experiences a wide range of interactive elements, at any time and from any device:

  • Video, animations and images
  • 3D models
  • Audio and sound effects
  • Phone numbers, SMS and emails
  • Call to Action to websites, social profiles and useful links
Two screenshots of ARfoMuseum listing the works of two museums

By browsing from your browser, you have access to all the technological means necessary to bring your projects to life in a few minutes. Manage all your experiences from a private access web platform, in full compliance with high security standards.

Innovative Elements

Easy to Implement

Easy to Implement

Augmented Reality is a scalable technology that applies to a wide range of use cases with lower implementation and management costs compared to other technological solutions. In this case, no technical assistance or support is required for creating experiences as the platform is straightforward and intuitive.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Augmented Reality offers your customers unique and interactive experiences that distinguish you from the competition and enhance engagement.

Omni-channel Marketing

Omni-channel Marketing

With AR, you can sponsor your exhibitions or events, and each campaign can be valued across all touchpoints of the customer journey. Easily design, manage, and distribute content on physical or digital channels.



For a more precise understanding of your audience, we provide monthly, weekly, daily, and geolocated AR experience KPIs. These data allow you to make more informed strategic decisions based on reliable and solid data.

ARforMuseum screenshots with texts generated by AI

Use AI to Generate Content

Don't have audio/video content for each artwork? The workload is becoming overwhelming? Discover our dynamic content feature with the introduction of deep fake algorithms with AI capable of transforming every text into a video with audio.

In the example below, you can test how AR experiences can be animated using deep fake algorithms and text-to-speech. Content is no longer a problem!

With the photogrammetry technique, it is possible to create 3D models of artworks

Digitalization of Cultural Heritage

Through the use of advanced technologies, such as photogrammetry, it is possible to accurately capture every detail of the artwork, creating a 3D model that faithfully reproduces its shape, texture and dimensions.

In this way, enthusiasts, researchers and the general public will be able to explore the artworks in an interactive and immersive way, without space-time limitations. Try 3DtoMe and create the 3D model of your favorite artwork in a few minutes!

Try 3DtoMe and create the 3D model of your favorite artwork in a few minutes. Interact with this example and try the VR functionality

Use VR to Fully Immerse Yourself in Artworks

ARforMuseum screenshot with a VR experience

Virtual Reality immerses people in a fully immersive experience, placing them at the center of a 360-degree visual and sensory journey. Virtual Reality exhibitions place artworks in navigable virtual spaces, made credible by high-quality 3D scanning.

VR helps curators contextualize objects by showing them up close, allowing users to explore their creation or discover their history with additional audio and video support.

Our rates

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Yearly(Save 20%)

Base Plan

11,99 mo
119,99 yr
  • Up to 5 works
  • Extra works: 1,5 €
  • Customizable voices and contents
  • Multilingual
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Plus Plan

34,99 mo
349,99 yr
  • Up to 20 works
  • Extra works: 1,2 €
  • Customizable voices and contents
  • Multilingual
  • Customizable AR experiences
  • Insights and analytics data
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Pro Plan

59,99 mo
599,99 yr
  • Up to 50 works
  • Extra works: 1 €
  • Customizable voices and contents
  • Multilingual
  • Customizable AR experiences
  • Insights and analytics data
  • Integration for the payment of entrance tickets
  • Shop with customized products integrated into the app
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Behind the great projects there is a lot of work, passion and a great team


dilium is an innovative SME that, through specific skills in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Technology Innovation Management (TIM), offers innovative technological solutions to support companies in the growth of their business

In the sector since the beginning

Since 2017 we have been working on the development of projects based on Frontier Technologies, such as Augmented Reality for the digital evolution of B2B and B2C channels.


dilium can boast a young and heterogeneous team, which makes its diversity of knowledge and skills its strength. The young age of the team allows us to be constantly flexible and up to date on market demands and trends, ready to meet new needs.


Working with Frontier Technologies from the beginning, we have developed a rich and diversified know-how.

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find an answer to your question, you can send us a message through our contact form.

This platform is a museum management system that allows museum directors, thanks to a Content Management System, to add information about works of art, create multimedia content specific to the works and add augmented reality (AR) experiences.

The platform provides users with an intuitive interface for uploading and managing information about works of art. You can add text, images, video and audio to enrich the description of the works. In addition, you can create custom multimedia content and integrate AR experiences to offer an engaging experience to visitors.

You can add basic information such as title, author, year of creation and material used. In addition, you can provide a detailed description of the work, contextualize it in the history of art and add curiosities or anecdotes related to it. You can also include bibliographic references or links to additional resources. In concrete you can add: Video, animations and images, 3D models, Audio and sound effects, Phone numbers, SMS and emails, Call to Action to websites, social profiles and useful links.

Yes, you can upload images, videos and audio to enrich the description of the works. This content can be used to show details of the work, provide visual explanations or audio-guides, or even present interviews or comments from the artists themselves.

You just need to import your already created content into the CMS.

Adding augmented reality experiences means providing an interaction with works of art through smartphones or other mobile devices. You can create AR experiences that allow visitors to see the work of art in a different context, explore hidden details or interact with virtual elements superimposed on the work itself.

The platform uses advanced AR technologies such as image or marker recognition, motion tracking and virtual object overlay. You can create AR experiences compatible with common mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, especially for non-technology users.

The costs for using the service are customized to meet the specific needs of each structure. We offer three different price ranges, suitable for both small and large museums. In this way, you can find the solution that best suits your needs without having to face excessive costs or limitations.

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